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Become a Professional Auctioneer. The South African College of Auctioneering is
the only college of its kind in South Africa and is a member of the National
Auctioneers Association of America as well as The SA Institute of Auctioneers.
Call Jeanine on 072 355 6573 for furthur information.

We will provide you with computer equipment, software and experienced clerks to handle your auction office for your specified auction.
-Assist with templates of Reg Documents, Terms & Conditions etc.
-Advertising Design & Lay-outs
-Lotting of items
-Creating Vendue Roll & Catalogue and printing thereof
-Holding Vendue roll during auction
-Registration of Buyers
-Capturing Vendue Roll on computerized system
-Issuing Buyers & Sellers invoices & Loading Certificates
-Issuing Various Reports after and during the auction
And any other requests you may have!!

The Auctioneer is your guide to auctions. Visit our website for a
comprehensive list of auctions across all asset divisions as well as news
and insider info. To list your auctions call us on 011 568 0251

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